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Welcome to our guest harbour
Updated 2018-11-25

Located: In Fårösund on the North of Gotland

Lat and long: 57°52,0N 19°04,0 E

Open: 2019 8 June – 10 August. See contact below.

Number of Moorings: 20. Marked with red or green signs.

Depth: 2,5m

Chart: 73, 731

Harbour host: The harbour host is visiting the harbour every evening. Telephone (new number) +46761-077350

Harbour fee: 150 SEK/24h including shower

Harbour service:
-Electricity for warming up the boat, 20 SEK/24h
-If you want to shop more than you can carry, there is a small wagon you can borrow to bring the goods back from the store
-Toilets and shower

There is also:
-A little beach close to the harbour where you can bathe
-Shops: Food, newspapers, fuel, bicycle rental about 1km from the harbour.
-Restaurants about 1km from the harbour

Communications: Buses to Visby och Fårö

To see and to do: Visit the church and the open air museum called Bunge Museum. The museum have some interesting farms from 17th, 18th, and 19th century. There you can see how the people on Gotland lived in that time. Only 2,5km from the harbour.
Take a bus or bicycle sightseeing on the island of Fårö, with its various landscape. See the stone formations called rauka. Lay in the sun and take a swim at one of the marvellous sand beaches.
You can also take a boat from Fårösund or Fårö to the island Gotska Sandön national park.

Gästhamnsguidens ratings

The statements are taken from ”Gästhamnsguiden 2004” published by Svenska Kryssarklubben

Safety 5 Good harbour, calm and safe in most common winds.
Environment 5 5. It is judged up on criteria’s as follows. Traffic intensity around the harbour. Regulation and signs. Information about the harbour. Useful tourist and service information. Handling of refuse. Cleaning of toilets and showers.
Toilets 5 Very good standard and capacity.
Shower 5 Very good standard and capacity.
Fuel 600m.
Shops 1 km t